Valley View Brothers' Artistic Dynasty Continues With Contest Win

An eighth-grader at Valley View Middle School will be following his older brother to the National Scholastic Art & Writing Competition.

Two brothers at Valley View Middle School, Avery and Harrison Heinks, continued their artistic successes earlier this month, winning awards at the Minnesota Scholastic Art Contest (MSAC).

Avery Heinks, an eighth-grader, won two "Gold Keys" for a sculpture and a comic, three "Silver Keys" for photography and jewelry, and three honorable mentions for photography. 

His sculpture, shown above, combines man-made and natural elements and will be sent to New York for the National Scholastic Art & Writing competition later this spring.

“The message is about how our societies, cities and towns are abusing technology and letting it take over our wildlife,” Avery told the school district. “We are taking advantage of and misusing nature.”

His older brother, Harrison, won two honorable mentions at this year's Minnesota competition, but won a national gold metal last year for his sculpture, "The Homeless Shoes."

“It’s Avery’s turn to win,” Harrison said.

Judges awarded 170 Gold Keys out of the 2,300 submissions for the 2014 MSAC. The competition is open for students from grade 7-12 and includes categories like drawing, ceramics and glass, painting, printmaking, digital art, jewelry and photography.

Avery said photography was his favorite form of art.

“I like to see how different photos can be captured in one place at one time," he said. There are so many ways to take a photo."


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