Pamela Park Renovation to Include Walking Trails, Improved Shelter

New details about the renovation of Pamela Park were shared with the Edina city council at a Tuesday meeting.

The architectural contractor for Edina’s planned renovation of Pamela Park shared new details about the project at city council meeting on Jan. 21.

A master plan to improve the athletic fields, park shelter building and parking lots and to add walking and environmental trails was approved by the council in October 2009.

The approximately $3 million project was included in an October 2013 vote to proceed with construction of a sports dome and refrigerated ice rink.

Council members voted 4-1 over Joni Bennett’s opposition to approve $282,192 in site planning, architectural and engineering services for city contractors.

Anderson-Johnson Associates Inc. provided a breakdown of costs for the project:

Grass (South) Athletic Field Renovation

Construct a sand-peat athletic field (160' x 300') north of the South Parking Lot to support football, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. The field would be smaller than a regulation football field and would be used primarily as a practice field (which is how the area is currently used); however, this smaller field can also be scheduled for younger athletic game events.

As a note, due to the existence of delineated wetlands and taking into account the elevation of the established storm water flood plain it has been determined that the field can be constructed, although the field size would need to be smaller in size than the existing field to the east. 

Estimated Cost: $498,000

Synthetic Turf at Southeast Athletic Field

Construct artificial turf over the footprint of the existing (380' x 225') natural grass athletic field with lights. Install perimeter protection around the field to deter vehicles- the preferred protection barrier would be either a stone bench system (similar to that at the Edina High School artificial turf field) or bollard system (similar to bollards with chains at Arden Park and Creek Valley Park. 

Estimated Cost: $1,396,000

Senior (North) Athletic Field Renovation

Renovate the existing field including excavation and import of new sand/peat topsoil. Provide new drain tile system, irrigation system and seed. 

Estimated Cost: $521,000

North Parking Lot Renovation and Expansion

Reclaim and re-pave the North Drive (off 58th Street) and Parking Lot. Construct new concrete curbing along the drive and around the perimeter of the lot to improve the flow of traffic into the north parking lot (near the park shelter building), create more parking capacity where possible and stripe the lot to make parking safer and more efficient. Expand the lot immediately west of the park building to gain an additional 15 stalls. 

Estimated Cost: $130,000

West Parking Lot Renovation and Expansion

Reclaim and re-pave the West Parking Lot (off Oaklawn Avenue) including new concrete curbing around the perimeter of the lot and a short (-2' high) retaining wall to transition grade along the west edge of the lot. The improvements will afford —37 more parking stalls. 

Estimated Cost: $87,000

South Parking Lot Renovation and Expansion

Repair, crack seal and seal coat the South Parking Lot and Drive (off 621'dStreet). Redesign the existing lot configuration to be more efficient (add about 20-23 stalls) and expand the lot northward and westward to gain an additional 43 stalls. Note, young trees would have to be relocated. 

Estimated Cost: $106,000

Paved Trail Access to Playground

Construct a paved trail between the south and west parking lots and to the playground equipment. 

Estimated Cost: $39,000

Paved and Environmental Trails

Construct a paved and 'environmental' trail around the perimeter of the park for better, easier, and accessible access to the park amenities and to support environmental discovery and learning. 

Estimated Cost: $115,000

Park Shelter Building Improvements

In 2009, four concept drawings were proposed for consideration, all of which included much needed additional storage, plus a larger and more user-friendly room for community gatherings, meetings and skate changing, plus a kitchen/concessions area, drinking fountain and outdoor picnic patio space. If funding is available, the expansion will require more study and community input before a final plan is selected. 


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